Small & Enterprises Product Support


We focus on support services of the enterprise IT infrastructure through optimum use of technology, process excellence and tools to significantly reduce costs, complexity and risks.

Our Support Services track is categorized into two parts, namely:

SMB & Enterprise Product Support

Our offerings incorporate the following:

  • Warranty Services & SmartNet Services
  • Annual Maintenance Contract Services
  • Audit and Advisory Services
  • Site Support
  • Remote Support (Tac Team Support)
  • Technical Account Management Services

Business Development

Our Support Services will help your organization create a more cost-effective, manageable and integrated IT infrastructure. Some of the tangible benefits include the following:

  • Accelerate solution and technology acceptance
  • Reusable Operational Support System Framework
  • Improved service level attainment and operational capabilities
  • Faster ROI, reduce average call handle time thereby increasing first call resolutions