Redundancy Solutions Overview

AARVY INFOTECH Implement A planning Architecture of Redundancy in IT is a system design in which a component is duplicated so if it fails there will be a backup. In a datacentre, there may be redundant components, such as servers, or network system components, such as fans, hard disk drives, operating systems and telecommunication links, that are installed to back up primary resources in case they fail.

If Carr had been right, then organisations would be looking at what to do with excess – or redundant – datacentre capacity. Redundancy has a negative connotation when the duplication is seen by the business as unnecessary.

Yes, for some businesses this datacentre capacity excess is an issue, but for the majority, the other form of redundancy – the provisioning of a datacentre to survive a range of failure scenarios – has become even more of an issue.

IT infrastructure is part of an organisation’s DNA. If someone were to cut off the IT service for an organisation, it would not be a small snag, but a corporate catastrophe for its operations. Business processes would halt, customers would be left stranded, suppliers would be unable to know what was required to be delivered, the organisation would struggle to pay its employees what they are owed, communication and collaboration would be severely impaired.

Redundancy Frame Solutions

Business Benefits

Our Data Center solution realizes several benefits:

  • More Secure cost Effective
  • Secure Network Reduandancy
  • Device Backup
  • Increased Collaboration, Security & In-depth Visibility