Managed Security Services

AARVY INFOTECH Provide Managed Security Services business model behind managed security services was commonplace among enterprise level companies, provided by large IT security experts. The model was later adapted to fit medium sized and smaller companies SMBs - organizations up to 500 employees, or with no more than 100 employee at any one site by the value-added reseller (VAR) community, either specializing in managed security or offering it as an extension to their managed IT service solutions.‘’SMBs’’ are increasingly turning to managed security services for a number of reasons. Chief among these are the specialized, complex and highly dynamic nature of IT security and the growing number of regulatory requirements obliging businesses to secure the digital safety and integrity of personal information and financial data held or transferred via their computer networks.

Whereas larger organizations typically employ an IT specialist or department, organizations at a smaller scale such as distributed location businesses, medical or dental offices, attorneys, professional services providers or retailers do not typically employ full-time security specialists, although they frequently employ IT staff or external IT consultants. Of these organizations, many are constrained by budget limitations. To address the combined issues of lack of expertise, lack of time and limited financial resources, an emerging category of managed security service provider for the SMB has arisen.

Services providers in this category tend to offer comprehensive IT security services delivered on remotely managed appliances or devices that are simple to install and run for the most part in the background. Fees are normally highly affordable to reflect financial constraints, and are charged on a monthly basis at a flat rate to ensure predictability of costs. Service providers deliver daily, weekly, monthly or exception-based reporting depending on the client’s requirements.