For data center network administrators who want to save time and money on data center design, equipment installation, and maintenance, the AARVY INFOTECH is a job-role-focused training and certification program that allows you to maximize your investment in your education and increase the value of your data center network.

Because of our experience with our existing certification and education programs and leadership in providing data center solutions, AARVY INFOTECH can provide a comprehensive program to address the key areas of data center network design, implementation, and maintenance.

Business Benefits

Our Data Center solution realizes several benefits:

  • Optimise your data centre design
  • Explore opportunities to save costs and boost efficiencies through consolidation
  • Automate IT processes to save time, and improve service levels and agility
  • Explore how desktop and application virtualisation can work for your organisation
  • Trim capex and opex expenditure through a cloud model
  • Ensure that your data centre management practices are aligned with compliance requirements
  • Scale quickly when the business requires the data centre to enable growth
  • Extend the useful life of your data centres
  • Reduce your energy consumption

Data Center Migration Framework