NGN Collaboration

AARVY INFOTECH specializes in major leading OEM’s advanced technology
solutions and provides end to end implementation services that includes:

  • Collaboration Architecture Specialization
  • Security Advisory Services
  • Next Generation Networks
  • Integrated Video, Web & Data

AARVY INFOTECH provides an integrated lifecycle management of next-generation networks and solutions based on a business-centric framework. This comprehensive suite supports major technology architectures, including NGN, next-generation internet, and cloud.

  • Routing & Switching
  • Security Management Implementation Design
  • LAN Planning and Design
  • WAN Planning and Design
  • Data Center Planning and Design
  • Nexus Data Center Planning and Design
  • ACE Planning and Design
  • Network Assessment
  • Network Architecture review
  • Firewall Speciallization
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems Security
  • Quality Of Service
  • Context Awareness Security
  • Remote Authentication Security
  • Fiber Solutions
  • Traffic Flow Control Monitoring
  • Redundancy Planning Implementation
  • NAC Appliance and Design